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The Products-In-Film Registry
Product Placement in movies and TV

Here’s how to feature your product in major motion pictures on a proven, performance based system -- The Products-In-Film Registry. As a member of the Registry, you are notified as specific opportunities for exposure occur in an upcoming film. Each Placement Opportunity Report sent to you includes a synopsis of the script, cast and production data, a description of the proposed placement and specific fee and product requirements. A placement is made only after we’ve received your signed agreement to participate in a film.

Increasing Brand Awareness, Sales
Brand names appear in hundreds of films each year.
-A wide range of products can be used.
-Provides enormous product exposure.
-Increasingly popular form of promotion.
-An efficient way to place your products in feature films on a no-risk performance based system.

Tie-In Promotions
-Create excitement and interest by association with a hit film.
-Merchandise your participation in a film using trade news letters, sales bulletins, point-of-purchase displays, national & regional print & TV advertising, & contests.

The potential for using film placements to create brand awareness and increased sales of your product is enormous – not only through the actual exposure of your product in the film, but also through tie-in advertising and special merchandising campaigns.

Act now to take advantage of this no-risk entry into feature-film product promotions. It’s easy to register, simply fill out the application form.

The Registry procedure step-by-step:

You send in the application form or a letter authorizing GSP to serve as your product placement representative to producers of motion pictures and major TV productions.

2. GSP enters your product data into the Registry system.

3. GSP, acting as your product placement representative reviews films in development on an on-going basis.

4. GSP sends you Placement Opportunity Reports which outline the product placement and indicate any potential for tie-in promotion. Each report includes a film synopsis, cast and production data, and specifies all fee and product requirements.

5. GSP, on receipt of your signed Placement Agreement to participate in a film, informs you of product shipping requirements and works with film production personnel to achieve the most effective placement.

6. YOU confirm the placement after release of the film and pay required fees.


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